Company Profile

ePlay is a synthesis of creative communication, marketing and technology.

ePlay provides high quality services for the world of jewellery and precious stones thanks to its team of professionals that had been able to combine software platforms for goldsmiths highly customizable from creativity to graphics and design, ensuring its customers to achieve unique and exclusive goals in terms of promptness, safety and efficiency of the results obtained.
In addition to that ePlay is an active partner of goldsmith companies and cooperates in any stage of growth and development of your projects, from management and marketing through Software and App, to communication thanks to websites completely responsive with high visual impact, creating customised proposals in line with any of your need.

The merger of the historical and world famous Art&sofT into ePlay has allowed the new reality with headquarters in Valenza, to significantly increase its customer base and improve the facilities and services through the acquisition of highly qualified personnel, giving a solid support, consistent, efficient and continuous to the gold companies with great results in terms of productivity, process improvement and optimization of resources.

❝Get together is a beginning, keeping together is progress; working together is a success.❞ Henry Ford